Roy’s Umbrella

The company was started to help the personnel of two major health systems navigate through their financial lives. Ranging from Credit Repair to Estate Planning, the hope was to create a “one-stop-shop” that could accommodate any financially related task a client may have. And considering that Sutter Health and U.C. Davis helped Roy beat a life threatening case of brain and spinal cancer, being able to “give back” and help the staff of these hospitals was a great way to give back to the individuals and community.

While the most commonly requested services are for mortgage related transactions and credit repair, we always recommend that you have a comprehensive approach to all of life’s financial hurdles. See the list of services below, and ask yourself if you may be lacking in one or more of the categories?

Roy’s Umbrella is very philanthropic, and proudly donates as much as possible to the pediatric oncology department at U.C. Davis. We also support several other health related organizations and will always support the best possible care, and the most cutting edge treatment available. So any time a mortgage transaction closes, it is our duty to donate back!