To help each and every UC Davis employee secure
their financial Livelihood.


Each and every colleague within Roy’s Umbrella is screened to make sure you receive the highest level of service possible.


We are a group of like-minded individuals that ALL share the same philanthropic goal; and that is to donate funds from EVERY transaction, and every subsequent transaction that
has originated as a result.

Mortgage questions

We have access to 10 different lenders that will compete for your business; we will meet and beat any current loan program that has been offered to you! You should not be paying ANY Lender fees!

Credit Repair

Although your situation was frustrating that caused credit issues, we will help you move forward to establish a high rating once again!

Financial Planning

UCD offers the 403b program of course, but having financial advisors that can use after-tax funds to create additional retirement gains will prove to be very effective!

Real Estate questions

We have screened 10 different Real Estate Agents to make sure they all have extensive experience and knowledge in this profession. Having the right agent and loan officer is critical, and feeling at-ease is priceless!

Tax Preparation

Paying less is not always the best solution when it comes to filing your own taxes. Let a licensed professional help you and make CERTAIN that nothing is missed!


Having a properly planned estate devised by an attorney is HIGHLY recommended; regardless of age.

Student Loan consolidation

Typically the interest rates on these loans are low, but not the lowest possible! Let me take a look to make sure no money is being wasted!

Home, Auto, or Life Insurance needs

Although not at the top of everyone’s list, these three forms of insurance are extremely important the moment you need them!

Living will, Probate, or Family Trust

Going through probate with the Government is not an easy process; especially when you are grieving due to the loss of a loved one.

Mission Statement

Roy McGovern is motivated by one simple goal; it is to give back to the health system that helped save his life. His motivation is purely philanthropic, and will be donating $500 back to the Children’s Hospital for each and every subsequent transaction originated by an employee of the U.C. Davis Health System. The goal is to make sure that the financial portion of your lives become more easily understood, and predictable going forward. Hopefully this will allow less distraction so that your focus can be on what is most important: helping with the quality of people’s lives!

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